Rosy B. is a freelance Argentine artist living part of her life in Miami where she
creates most of her artwork. When some time ago art knocked on her door, it
was a big love at first sight, a state of grace that opened to a magical world of
colors, shapes, creativity and enjoyment.
Inspired in the great Masters, Rosy finds in Impressionism and Expressionism
the path to develop her own language in art, the necessary freedom to
materialize her creative energy and positive cosmovision.
Rosy B. gets her talent from her incredible and impressive energy, a
concentrate of impulsive and primitive manifestation of art that her mind
brings to results. She uses light effects, the spark and lightning that give the
final touch on the canvas to let you play visual games.
Still, she does not want to go too far, she just wants you to run your eyes over
and enter the painting to find out what is behind, what is really inside, her
intention, the language of her soul.

Visual Art Master